Brioni is the name of one of the most prestigious fashion brands worldwide. Nevertheless, despite such a turbulent popularity Brioni brand was originated relatively recently, namely in 1945 in Rome. Just then two young and rather creative friends, a little-known fashion designer Gaetano Savini and tailor Nazareno Fontikoli opened their own business on sewing fashion clothes for men. They named their newly established brand in honor of a remarkable island resort in the Adriatic Sea where many famous people and the elite of those times preferred to spend their leisure time. Just for them creators of Brioni suggested a quite new concept of men's fashion providing a lighter model of men's clothers made in the style of classic elegance combined with bright colors and easy style of dress. This approach immediately caused a stir mass, and the number of fans of the brand had been steadily increasing from day to day. A bit later, the founders of the Brioni fashion brand met Jovanbattist Georgina who was considered as the legislator of Italian fashion of that time. Namely this meeting was crucial in the history of fashion brand and allowed him to go far beyond the Italian market. This happened in 1952 in Florence. Just there the following show of fashion collections at the Palazzo Pitti was led by Georgina. Brioni tuxedos and silk jackets immediately found its fans, and later again, they were for sale at the famous department store of B. Altman & Co. located in the Fifth Avenue, U.S. This was the first step towards Brioni world popularity. Over time an Italian Brioni brand had presented full collection of clothes in Florence already by that time. It was the first show in the history of the world of fashion where only male models were involved. In 1954 Brioni held its first show in New York, and later in many cities and countries around the world. Not managing with such a vast flow of customers, Brioni opened additional factory in Abruzo, and even after a while it got capacities for sewing shirts and leather goods. In 1957, especially for Hess, Brioni developed a unique bright and stylish collection with a bold design and an extensive color palette. Being already very confident fashion manufacturer worldwide in 1980, Brioni opened his own school of art in the penne a tailor in order to transfer their skills to younger generations. In our time, Brioni Company does not stop to make glad its fans with new and ingenious new models of both male and female clothes. Many operations on sewing of clothes are performed on a garment by hand which allows to achieve high quality and exclusive designs in the style of the famous Italian Brioni brand. During its existence, the Brioni fashion brand gained recognition as from ordinary citizens, as from many famous people, television stars, singers and many other famous personalities. Among the supporters of the brand you can see John Wayne, Anthony Quinn, Kirk Douglas and other famous men of the World.