For Canali, “Made in Italy” aren’t just words on a label, but the outcome of a longstanding tradition in which culture and history are interwoven with style and taste, in the quest for excellence, professionalism, quality and reliability. Which is why all Canali collections are produced by the company in the seven production centres it owns, all in Italy, each specialising in one particular type of product, to guarantee that every garment is perfect, because they are made by highly skilled craftsmen, well-versed in the tradition of fine tailoring, who constantly strive to achieve the utmost in quality.

Also ‘Made in Italy’ are the fi nest fabrics, all from Biella, and the materials used for the inner, lining and buttons. Sometimes these are created especially for Canali, just as weaves and patterns are often exclusive, for products that are always innovative, of the utmost quality and brimming with creativity, or in other words the truly distinctive features of ‘Made in Italy’ products.

And Italians design, cut and stitch the garments too. Artisan care that combines leading edge technology with sophisticated manual skills accumulated from tailoring experience and ongoing, in-depth training performed by the company in-house. Which is why, for more than 75 years, Canali has been an ambassador for the world of ‘Made in Italy’ products, one who recognises that their ‘Italianness” is an essential value, in which tradition and experimentation, innovation and experience, are bound together indissolubly in the creation of superior quality collections that express a timeless style with exquisitely Italian taste.