The finest artisan skills transformed into a successful business, but without ever forgetting its origins. This is the concept of tailoring espoused by Canali: superior quality fabrics, infi nite care over the tiniest detail, and constant renewal of styles, creativity and innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection to wear.

The first step is perfect cutting, performed by automatic systems featuring increasingly sophisticated techniques, followed by skilful hand stitching. This tailoring expertise ensures that every garment has the perfect shape and expresses peerless style and elegance.

Jackets and overcoats by Canali have a sewn, not a fused canvas structure, to ensure that the parts forming the core - camel hair, horse hair and peloncino – help enhance the quality of the fabric and the styling, to achieve a perfect harmony with the wearer’s body.

The precision tailoring of garments by Canali is plain to see in the detail, but can only be truly appreciated when worn, because suits hang vertically, shoulders fill without stiffening, softness and suppleness are guaranteed, and wearabilty and comfort achieve excellence.

To enjoy the quality of fine tailoring to the full, Canali also offers made to measure garments to its customers at boutiques in Milan, London, Amsterdam, New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney. In each boutique customers are provided with a classic sample book and naturally the finest selection of new fabrics available each season, together with specialised personnel who can walk customers through fitting, personalisation and styling.