In one meter of fabric a few thousand warp and almost the same weft threads are weaved crossing an infinite number of times. This never-ending story tells about the past and the future, that is, the experience passed on from generation to generation, competent analysis of the unique features can enhance the comfort of clothing, and bring it to perfection. Canali knows exactly that quality begins with the primary materials. Therefore, the company has never regretted the time and resources to search for valuable species of cloth and threads of the highest quality of contact with the world’s best manufacturers. Jointly with it, it is developed a mixture of original and new designs for the production of valuable fabrics. Indeed, the thickness and structure of the fabric must match purpose of items, which are sewn from it. There are fabrics that are specially designed for sewing of a coat. This, for example, is the lightest fabric "baby cashmere, sable," fully experience the tactile sensations. Classic elegant style of Canali creates a perfect fine wool types of Super 160’s and Super 200’s most valuable among all existing mixtures angora wool-kashgora and very light and soft and warm fabrics of wool and cashmere. There is also a great brand Esperidi of 220 and 230’s merino wool from the highly valuable, exclusive, extremely thin - respectively 12.8 and 12.4 microns. They are manufactured in Australia and are used for sewing limited batches: only 140 items all over the world from the tissues of Esperidi of 220 and 80 from Esperidi’s 230 products. For 75th anniversary of the Canali Company establishment there was produced precious fabric cashmere, vicuna, silk, for a limited production lot. This special mixture, that is, 85% cashmere, vicuna 10%, 5% silk - made from an exclusive drawing for Canali, dense, but at the same time sufficiently soft tissue. Vicuna, sunny color fleece are obtained from an animal of the family Camelidae, which the Incas considered as sacred. Vicuna fabric gives incomparable insulation properties and the air resistance. Thanks to an unprecedented combination of natural fibers, judicious combination of the structure of the duck, drawings and color solutions Canali gives new life to classic fabrics are always relevant: made in chequered style "The Prince of Wales", with a raised weft, in a narrow stripes and geometric patterns.