Since 1934, Canali has promoted the tradition of fine hand craftsmanship, blending culture and history with sophistication and style to create true masterpieces, made to measure according to men’s needs and to reflect their personality. It is an approach that strives for excellence and promotes professional skills, quality and reliability, in which “Made in Italy” is more than just a label on a suit, but represents the starting point of a story dating back 80 years. Canali’s collections are made in the company’s own production centres, all in Italy, each specialising in a particular type of product, to guarantee that every garment is perfect, because it has been crafted by highly skilled tailors. This fine craftsmanship has been transformed into a successful business, but one which never forgets its origins. It all starts with the perfect cut, obtained using ever more sophisticated systems, followed by stitching performed with the utmost care by expert hands. The precision tailoring of a Canali suit is immediately evident in the details, but can only be appreciated to the full when worn. Perfect aesthetics, superior quality fabrics, infinite care over detail, constantly updated lines, a love of beauty, innovation and creativity are the key ingredients in the brand’s solid tailoring tradition. These values also permeate the exclusive SU MISURA service, a unique experience in which the customer is accompanied every step of the way in the creation of the ultimate tailor made suit. Today the Group, led by the third generation of the Canali family, has more than 1,600 employees worldwide, 240 boutiques - a number that continues to grow - and over 1,000 retail stores in more than 100 countries across the globe.