Enrichetta Bertuzzi, the founder, was the daughter of one of the most important leather importers and began her career by making clothes for personal use. Her creations were so greatly admired that after a short time, they were recognized by the Italian aristocracy.

Hettabretz was then founded in 1960 during a time of economic boom which created an increasing demand for beautiful and luxurious garments.

From 1960 to 1970, the strength of these boutiques, which were a point of reference for the international upper class, became a vehicle for the rapid expansion of the company.

In January of 1970, the Center of Italian Fashion in Florence invited Hettabretz, as the leading manufacturer of leather clothing, to participate to the introduction of Alta Moda prêt a porter in Florence, which represented the heart of Italian fashion.

Our product was sold by these boutiques to the Royal Families of England, Saudi Arabia, Holland and Greece as well as very important families like Rothschild, Ford, Onassis, Fournier, Agnelli and celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

This continuous and natural growth permitted the company to perfect its production process and to experiment further with precious leathers and furs.

Paolo Bertuzzi, Enrichetta’s son, joined the company immediately after receiving his engineering degree in 1969. He directly contributed to the organization and expansion of the company until the year 1980. Later, he also significantly contributed to the evolution of the product.