The Age of Fashion Designers Throughout the years the company never abandoned the principles that once inspired it: quality workmanship on leather, the creation of technically superior garments and strong ethic.

The success of fashion designers who imposed their trends, strategies and mass media communication on the market complicated the path for a company whose creed remained faithful to its corporate tradition.

In response to this difficult time, Hettabretz held firm to its craftsmanship abilities. The product, then focused on women’s wear, was expanded to menswear by creating the “HB Uomo” collection. This new product was especially dedicated to a highly exclusive clientele who demanded distinctive and unique pieces in materials like alligator and vicuna.

This clientele was served by small yet charismatic specialty boutiques:

Avi Rossini - London
Battaglia - Los Angeles
Bijan - Beverly Hills
Brioni - New York - Roma
Cuzzen’s - Las Vegas
De Lisi - New York
Napoleon - New York

Their customers include personalities such as the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Al waleed, l’Avvocato Gianni Agnelli, politicians of the White House as well as celebrities like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Sinatra and actors Anthony Hopkins and Michael Douglas.

An important part of the strategy also focused on making the historical archives of precious materials and unique know-how available to high fashion designers. Therefore paving the way for key collaborations with Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Stefano Ricci, Brioni, Testoni, Barney’s, Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren and Romeo Gigli.