The family continuance is represented by: Paolo Bertuzzi
Federico Bertuzzi: Who is responsible for the HB Uomo and Purple Black collections product and who has always been envolved in the organization.
Enrico Bertuzzi: After a considerable financial experience with Ernst & Young is in charge of the organization and development.

A management involved in the upholding of tradition, dealing with innovation and promoting development. Qualified human resources: a staff of over 50 people for product innovation, research and development, pattern’s and sample’s creation. A network of Italian workshops situated in Emilia Romagna, Marche, and Tuscany areas, some subsidiaries and others bound by exclusive contracts that renders available a workforce of about 150 people. An efficient logistical organization structured in the 3.000 m2 Bologna operational headquarter and in the Showroom in Palazzo Borromeo, Milan. Integrated IT systems.
San carlo - Paris - London