HB Uomo
classic and eclettic opulence
Aware of their particular and unique know-how in the use of all kinds of precious material and encouraged by the request of various important worldwide personalities, in the Eighties Hettabretz launched the line “HB Uomo” collection expressly aimed at the particular requirements of the most powerful men on Earth. The handcraft ability in the perfecting and constructing of each single garment, the maniacal attention to the details, the continuous research and development of the product and the attention to the evolution of trends and market have enabled Hettabretz to become a leader in this extreme niche of excellence and to continue the tradition of really high profile “Made in Italy”, entrusted to expert tailors and small workshops who are able to hand over Hettabretz products the allure that have made them unique all over the world. Hettabretz is able to meet with any personalized requirement, by linking very handcrafted quality to modern information technologies, enabling its customers to considerably influence creations in complex, precious and bespoke ways.

Hettabretz Donna
high design and contemporary luxury for the leather
Under the artistic direction of Sofia Crociani, who comes from important design experience with Kenzo, Christian Dior, and from 2000 to 2009 exclusively with Karl Lagerfeld, Hettabretz proposes a sophisticated and chic image directed to a modern woman aware of exclusive luxury.

Purple Black
premium sportswear
A useful elegance that lasts in time and with dateless signs of style are the features which give light to the product of the “Purple Black” line. Taking advantage of its ability and know how the company has created a line of products, for men and women, aimed at a clientele desiring high quality garments with a range of style that well rapresents an up-to-date dandy.

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