The beginning of the new millennium was marked by considerable strengthening of the luxury-goods market caused by the growth of consumer ability in the eastern countries, including the former USSR states, China and a number of the Arab countries.
These processes led to the increase of attractiveness of the luxury-goods market, especially in the area of fashion and accessories.
The idea to create "Rossini" brand appeared in 2009 as a result of a comprehensive analysis of the luxury-goods market development and a thorough research of consumption growth tendencies. "Rossini" brand is a joint creation of leading Italian designers and manufacturers. Each product with the "Rossini" label is guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials available in the world market.
Rich color scheme, personalization, luxury design, attractiveness of products for a broad age range are some of the major parameters ensuring success of "Rossini" brand.
The profound knowledge of the target markets, their style preferences and features is another advantage of "Rossini" brand which has a great potential for advancing in the international market.