Stefano Ricci S.p.a Company which was founded by the designer of the same name was established in 1972. Its founder, Stefano Ricci was born in Florence (Italy). His parents were related to fashion, so the boy chose the path of the designer. When Stephen was a child he took a great interest in collecting of neckties (ties). His parents had a sewing workshop which allowed Ricci to sew their own models of neckties. Thus, the first collection of neckties appeared in the family’s workshop. When Stefano grew up, parents began to send him to their studios where the designer began to sew ties. But the real success and the opening of its brand occurred in 1972 when the Italian men's wear trade show Pitti Imagine Uomo was a collection of ties by Stefano Ricci. Ties from his collection very interested international purchasers. For example, Stefano began to export its production to the markets of America, Britain and Japan. Thanks to Stefano as ordinary men's accessories became one of the most important elements of men’s dress. Ties from Stefano Ricci complete suit, make the image completed and individual. All of his ties were made and now manufactured from the finest materials and have unique excellence. The lovely material of the designer is silk, and for elite models are even Swarovski crystals used. In addition, pleated ties of patchwork style by Stefano are sewn in limited quantities and are the most expensive in the world. Among the customers and fans there are such well-known designers, and of course, the rich person as Sultan of Brunei state, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and many others. By increasing sales and brand development, Stefano Ricci Company expanded its range and began to produce not only ties and other men's accessories as well as dresses. Now under the logo of Stefano Ricci you can buy men's shirts, perfumes, clothes, bags and the full range of men's accessories. Stefano Ricci is an exclusively men’s brand. Stefano Ricci is a president and one of founders of consortium of Classico Italia – Gruppo Italiano di Moda Maschile. This consortium joins 23 companies which are leaders in the field of Italian Fashion. The purpose of the base Classico Italia in 1987 is to preserve Florence as a center of men's fashion. It should be noted that the main competition came from the more successful i-commercialized Milan market. Now products of Classico Italia take a prestigious part of the exhibition space in the Pitti Uomo.