The Antico Setifi cio Fiorentino, founded in 1786 in the historical San Frediano quarter, is the last remaining workshop for silk manufacturing in Florence. Its history of a profound tradition and artisanal passion for producing precious fabrics on ancient looms from the 1700’s and 1800’s, has its core roots in the Renaissance times. The precious silk fabrics include Broccatelli, Lampassi, Ermisini, Damaschi and other traditional Tuscan fabrics which have adorned the homes of aristocrats, villas and palaces all over the world.
In 2010, thanks to the acquisition by STEFANO RICCI S.p.A., the unique fabrics of the Antico Setifi cio Fiorentino have expanded on an international scale and currently decorate the homes of an elite clientele who appreciate precious and exclusive fabrics.  e history and passion has guided the Antico Setifi cio Fiorentino throughout history and continues to inspire producing fabrics that can adapt to luxurious dwellings may they be ancient or modern.
The headquarters in Florence is located in via Lorenzo Bartolini 4 and hosts a showroom and sales department where clients are consulted in the choice of fabrics and in the fi nal creation of their bespoke interior.

M41 Nameless by Mondo Marine
The Antico Setifi cio Fiorentino enters the yacht world with the presentation of the fi rst mega yacht decorated with the precious fabrics of the famous Florentine workshop and the luxurious accessories of the STEFANO RICCI Royal Suite Collection. A new partnership with the Mondo Marine shipyard for the mega yacht Nameless. For this extraordinary project damasks and velvets were chosen to adorn the bedrooms, while pillows and headboards were made with the Renaissance Ermisino.  ese exclusive fabrics were made with the antique hand looms of the “workshop of wonders” that creates since 1786 exceptional textiles for the interiors of the most pretigious residences in the world, thanks also to its famous warping machine based on a design by Leonardo da Vinci.