The Royal Suite Collection by STEFANO RICCI is sophisticated, distinguished and endows the craftsmanship which bestows the Stefano Ricci name. The success of the menswear line inspired the idea to extend the designer’s concept to a home collection. This is a testimony of the brand’s evolution, leading a lifestyle made of furniture and accessories conveying the idea of living in a perfect equilibrium of pure lines, precious fabrics and timeless design.

The Royal Suite Collection evolves on a changing and exciting line between rule of art and innovation, design and tradition. The collection includes porcelain, crystal and silverware lines, enhanced by furnishing and leather accessories and completed with home linens.

Working on fine leather or adding incredibly delicate gold decoration to a crystal glass demand skills and sensibilities which can only be achieved through constant practice. Creating an atelier where the hands of the craftsmen make all the difference. Just as a STEFANO RICCI suit takes a minimum of 60 hours to make, each one of the glasses in its Royal Suite Collection is the fruit of great skill, creativity and ability. Its fine textiles line features cashmere blankets of intense colors, that may be lined in splendid fur for the best comfort and softness. Tablecloths hand-woven and embroidered following ancient Florentine traditions of sheets made of the purest linen or the most precious silk. Curtains fine as a veil or sumptuous as a triumphal robe, but that however never betray the determined design of STEFANO RICCI.

Florence being the cradle of Renaissance, STEFANO RICCI represents the contemporary interpretations that can stimulate and interrogate muses of industrious craftsmanship and design. Utilizing artisans who created on the pins of patience, unique objects with sparkling souls like crystals.