The STEFANO RICCI Luxury Yacht Division designs bespoke interiors for the most beautiful and sophisticated yachts in the world. In collaboration with Florentine yacht designer Luca Dini, it developed a project for a 230 feet Super Yacht for the Benetti Custom line. A perfect synergy of Italian excellence in interior and yacht design.

Its exceptional interiors cater to each and every desire of an elite clientele with a unique style made possible by the best Italian craftsmanship and its signature materials: Californian briar-root wood, Tuscan travertine marble and genuine crocodile skin. Embracing real sophistication, its interiors feature stylish products from the STEFANO RICCI Royal Suite Collection and textiles of outstanding quality and value from its historical factory, the Antico Setificio Fiorentino, which produces precious silk fabrics since 1786. With this new division, STEFANO RICCI is dedicated more than ever to pursuing its 100% Made in Italy philosophy, creating luxurious interiors which express the highest quality and creativity in manufacturing and design. The Luxury Yacht Division’s team of interior designers travels from Florence to reach the client wherever he may be throughout the world. A true bespoke service aimed at a handful of customers who demand a high level of customisation and exquisite style.

The Florentine house has kept Italian craftsmanship traditions alive for over four decades through elegant designs and modern innovation. STEFANO RICCI’s exclusive lifestyle is now at sea with the Luxury Yacht Division, through over 40 boutiques internationally, including Beijing, Beverly Hills, Milan, Florence, Monte-Carlo, Moscow, Vienna, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.