The Noble Company is the creation of swift development of modern Azerbaijan.
Considerable increase of the Azerbaijani citizens’ welfare favoured the formation and growth of the demand for de luxe products including men’s wear and accessories. According to this very tendency the founders of the Noble Company officially established in 1999 have been carrying out their business plans since 1996.
During the first years of its activity the company passed the way from the multi-brand boutiques of men’s clothing and accessories where Italian, French and German brands were presented to mono-brand boutiques of the world-known and recognised Italian trademarks. So Stefano Ricci, Brioni, Canali, Artioli boutiques were opened between 2004 and 2008.
In selection of brands and their retail development in Azerbaijan the Noble pays significant attention to one principal condition – all products represented in the boutiques should be produced in Italy.
Having substantial knowledge about Italian manufacturers of de luxe products the Noble started co-operation with such popular Italian brands as Umberto Bilancioni, Hettabretz, Castello D`Oro, Rossini.
Understanding the occurrence of well-established client base the Noble started development of segment exclusive home products since 2008.
The Company commenced exclusive partnership with a British manufacturer of china dinner service, crystal glass and cutlery, the De Lamerie Company. Later, follows the partnership with an Italian silver items brand Braqanti the supplier of world-famed brand Faberge.
The necessity for consolidation of all brands under one roof for sales efficiency increase becomes clearly apparent in the business plans of the Noble Company.
Following this measure the Noble Company opens of a new complex of flagship boutiques at Uzeyir Hajibayov street in November 2013 in Baku.
The new complex is one of the shopping facilities that immediately attract attention of Baku citizens and guests with its beauty, luxury environment and uniqueness.
The business plans of the Noble Company include the further development of this complex as well as expansion of Company’s activity in other areas of Azerbaijan’s economics.

Company presentation